Welcome to The Dream Adopters, a multifaceted and growing media powerhouse with a foundation firmly rooted in talent management for award-winning recording artists, music producers, and songwriters. With a comprehensive grasp of all assets of the music industry—from production to songwriting to TV and film syncs—and with an additional focus on technology and philanthropy, The D.A. is a new media company for an ever-changing and evolving music industry.

Established by Justin Garza, an industry veteran with a decade-plus of experience, The Dream Adopters have carved a rare niche as a premier one-stop record-charting operation. With a prosperous client roster and a growing collection of hit records, the D.A. differentiates itself in a fiercely competitive market by prioritizing high-level dedication to its clients. The roster is jam-packed with behind-the-scenes heavy hitters who collectively have worked on hits that have reached over 75 billion global streams. Additionally, D.A. clients have contributed either writing, production, or live instrumentation to Grammy Award-nominated and Latin Grammy Award-nominated records from the likes of Dua Lipa, Lady Gaga, Chloe + Halle, Drake, J Balvin, Olivia Rodrigo, Camila Cabello, Coldplay, Sean Paul, and Kelly Clarkson.

But the Dream Adopters' impact goes beyond the charts. At its core, The D.A.’s foundation is firmly grounded in doing integrity-based business. The management styles and philosophies have distinguished The D.A.’s reputation within the industry as being reasonable and fair, ensuring their creatives' self-value and worth are never compromised. Furthermore, The D.A. is deeply invested in the development and success of its artists by recognizing that today's music industry extends far beyond traditional boundaries. For instance, as the D.A. seeks out new avenues in both tech and film, it has started to capitalize on its extensive and talented roster to lead complete soundtrack projects. Pushing further boundaries, the philanthropic arm of The Dream Adopters continues to thrive, with Justin Garza serving as a board member of the Young Professionals Board of Downtown Los Angeles Art Schools, Inner City Arts. Collaborating with Inner City Arts, The Dream Adopters supports after-school programs across various art disciplines for children within the LA Unified School District, underscoring their commitment to fostering creativity and community enrichment.