Humbly raised in the small town of Corcoran, California, GG Ramirez has had a not so small beginning in the industry. In her pre-teen years she was touring with an internationally recognized mariachi band in Mexico. When GG wasn’t doing back to back shows, she was already a busy working actress. Appearing in commercials for Oreo, McDonalds, Amazon and AT&T, to name a few. At age 12, GG’s U.S. career began, when she was casted to be a part of the all girl group “GLAM”.

It was then that GG picked up a pen and started having a hand in the creative process of building a song from the ground up, writing much of the music for the band. While writing for her own artist project as well as others, GG found her tongue-in-cheek pop anthem songwriting style. GG’s cool girl lyrics gained her songwriting credits for Lifetime and Hallmark movies, as well as placements for K-Pop groups Fiestar and Twice’s Feel Special album, which debuted #1 on iTunes Global. GG is currently balancing her time in the studio and studying in one of the leading acting schools for film/tv. With a big voice, a lot to say and a long list of goals, this hardworking talent is just getting started.