Humbly raised in the small town of Corcoran, California, GG Ramirez has had a not so small beginning in the industry. In her pre-teen years she was touring the U.S and Mexico with an internationally recognized mariachi band, singing in both Spanish and English. When GG wasn’t doing back to back shows, she was already a busy working actress. Appearing in PBS Kids TV shows, as well as commercials for Oreo, McDonalds, Amazon and AT&T, to name a few.

At age 15, GG graduated early from high school in order to pursue her career full time. She got a tiny apartment in North Hollywood and started to find her voice. It was then that GG picked up a pen and started having a hand in the creative process of building a song from the ground up. While writing for her own artist project as well as others, GG found her tongue-in-cheek pop anthem songwriting style. GG’s cool girl lyrics gained her songwriting credits for Lifetime and Hallmark movies, as well as placements for K-Pop groups Fiestar and Twice’s Feel Special album, which debuted #1 on iTunes Global. Most recently, GG co-wrote the second most consumed song, "Icon" off of Twice's album 'Formula of Love:O+T=<3' which debuted #2 on the Billboard 200. With a background in acting and TV, GG has been able to lend her voice to animated projects for Nickelodeon. Aside from writing songs, she also has a passion for screenwriting. GG just finished writing her first pilot Out of the Loop, starring Ithamar Enriquez of WandaVision and Frank Caeti of MADtv.

GG is currently balancing her time in the studio and studying in one of the leading acting schools for film/tv. She is mentored by the multi-platinum, Grammy Award winning songwriter, Melanie Fontana and has recently collaborated with Lindgren, Daytrip, David Guetta, Tommy Brown, Mr. Franks, Pdogg, Prince Fox with releases coming out with Jojo, Twice, Claudia Valentina, Isaac Dunbar, Chesca, CLAY, BTS, Just Stef, Twice & more. With a big voice, a lot to say and a long list of goals, this hardworking talent is just getting started.