Gino Barletta is a Grammy-award-winning, 12x+ platinum-selling songwriter, producer, artist and executive, based in Los Angeles, CA. Born and raised in Sugarloaf, Pennsylvania, Gino spent his early years rigorously studying classical piano, vocal technique, and musical theater, and performed professionally in the United States and Europe as a solo vocalist. He also received numerous awards at the District, Regional, All-State, and All-Eastern levels as a competitive singer. After graduating high school, Gino went on to attend the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Music, where he studied classical vocal performance. It was during his time at CMU that he discovered his passion for contemporary and pop music and decided to relocate to Los Angeles.

Shortly after arriving in LA, Gino met an aspiring producer through Craigslist, accidentally, while searching for a roommate. The producer took interest in Gino’s voice and proposed that they collaborate on some original material. Gino had never written any songs prior to their meeting, but his musical skill set had him more prepared for the songwriting world than he himself could have known. In his very first writing session, Gino wrote a song called “Disaster”, which later went on to be recorded by JoJo. The song was released on Interscope Records and became his first Top 40 radio hit. Though songwriting had never been a career path he had considered, he took this serendipitous success as a sign that writing music was his calling. He continued writing with the same producer for another year after the success of “Disaster”, during which he landed a #1, double-platinum record with Australian superstar, Jessica Mauboy.

While Gino continued writing in Los Angeles, he was simultaneously doing business back in Pennsylvania, with a colleague of his from Carnegie Mellon, who owned a performing arts school called Accelerando Conservatory. As a resident guest artist at the school, Gino offered workshops and intensives, focused on songwriting, production, and pop vocal performance. During his collaboration with Accelerando, he met a young singer by the name of Grace Tandon, who, though only 12 years old at the time, took a strong interest in learning about the industry and songwriting process. After a few years of working with Gino, Grace and her parents proposed a 1-on-1 workshop in LA with Gino, where Grace would be able to witness first-hand how the pop songs Gino was crafting were made. In January of 2015, Gino ran a week-long workshop, during which he and a few of his closest collaborators gave Grace a behind-the-scenes look into the world of professional songwriting and production. At the end of the week, Gino recorded Grace on one of the songs he and his colleagues had written, not knowing what was coming next.

A few days after the workshop, Gino had a meeting with an independent radio promoter by the name of Steve Zap, who had taken an interest in Gino’s artistry and songwriting. During the meeting, Gino played Zap the song that Grace had recorded during the workshop, called “Hide Away”, and Zap knew instantly that Gino had a hit on his hands. While the only intention Gino and his co-writers had was to pitch the song to their publishers, Steve had a different idea in mind. He wanted to partner with Gino and release the song to radio independently, with Grace as the artist. Within a week of this meeting, Gino and Steve launched an independent record label called Artbeatz, at which Gino served as President and Creative Director. They signed Grace (quickly to become professionally known as Daya) as their first artist, and within one year, had a Top 10 hit with “Hide Away”.

Following the success of “Hide Away”, Steve and Gino secured Daya the feature on The Chainsmokers' “Don’t Let Me Down”, which Gino handled vocal production on. The song went on to sell 6 million units in the US alone and won the Grammy for Best Dance Recording in 2017. Following “Don’t Let Me Down”, Artbeatz released Daya’s second hit single, “Sit Still, Look Pretty”, which was written and co-produced by Gino. Daya's debut album, entirely co-written and executive produced by Gino, was released in October 2016 on Artbeatz Records, and went on to sell over 4 million singles and 500,000+ albums in the US, an incredible feat for a novice indie label.

Since the success of the Daya project, Gino has collaborated with many other prominent artists, writers, and producers. In 2017, Gino scored another hit single, as a co-writer on the platinum-selling “Fetish”, by Selena Gomez featuring Gucci Mane. Most recently, he had another success, having co-written Katy Perry’s critically-acclaimed “Never Really Over”. Gino has received multiple BMI awards for his writing achievements. Other notable writing collaborations include Hailee Steinfeld, Carly Rae Jepsen, Zara Larsson, Danielle Bradberry, Devin Dawson, Jack & Jack, Kandi Burruss, RaeLynn, Erika Jayne, Carlie Hanson, and more. He is currently developing several new recording acts, as well as working on his own solo artist project.