Tony Ferrari is a multi-platinum songwriter and producer based in Los Angeles, CA. His love for pop and R&B mix with his singer/songwriter roots to create songs that standout both conceptually and melodically. 

Tony has a diverse catalog, including hits across genres and continents. From a top 20 country radio hit (“Soul” by Lee Brice), to a #1 in Sweden (Felix Sandman’s “Every Single Day”), to several Billboard #1s in K-Pop (NCT 127, ENHYPEN, Monsta X), he loves to push the boundaries between genres. 

Tony has recent and upcoming cuts with Vaultboy, Audrey Mika, NCT, Annika Wells, Ty Dolla $ign, Taemin, RIIZE, Rich the Kid and ENHYPEN. He has been collaborating with incredible producers and writers including Rollo, Dewain Whitmore, Noah Conrad, Slushpuppy, Lisa Scinta, Jake Torrey, Pete Nappi, Elsa Curran, Elijah Noll, and more.